You may ask... "what should I do when I get a flat?" "I've never changed a tire before, so I'll just drive to the shop & get it fixed".... NOOOO!! With the high cost... & specialization of tires nowadays, don't drive on a flat tire... ever. If you do you will probably have to buy at least two new ones & probably four.

Changing a tire should only be attempted in a flat & safe location. Block the wheel so that the car will not roll... if you don't block it, you, your company & your car will be at risk. If you have a front tire that is flat & it is feasible, rotate the rear tire to the front & mount the spare onto the rear. Your transmission will thank you. I will post a video that may guide you through the steps necessary to have a successful tire change. If you don't want to attempt it yourself, at least you can tell somebody that helps you, what they are doing wrong.